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Lirik Lagu Burgerkill - Superficial

[MabesLirik] Lirik Lagu Superficial Burgerkill merupakan single terbaru dalam Album Adamantine. Video klip Lagu Superficial ini dirilis melalui channel YouTube Burgerkill Official, berikut ini Lirik Lagu Burgerkill Superficial dan Artinya

Lirik Lagu Superficial

Artis : Burgerkill
Judul Lagu : Superficial
Diciptakan Oleh : -
Album : Adamantine

Burgerkill - Superficial

Burgerkill kembali meluncurkan single teranyar mereka yang berjudul Superficial. Lagu ini dirilis dengan music videonya pada tanggal 7 Agustus 2018 di channel YouTube Burgerkill Official. Video klip Superficial mengambil lokasi syuting dibeberapa kota di Eropa seperti Praha (Republik Ceko) dan Eindhoven (Belanda).

Lagu cadas satu ini tersedia dalam album Adamantine, kumpulan lagu populer Burgerkill lainnya seperti Integral, Tiga Titik Hitam, Atur Aku, Shadow Of Sorrow dan Angkuh tersedia di YouTube. Berikut Lirik Lagu Burgerkill Superficial.

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Berikut ini adalah selengkapnya Lirik Lagu Superficial Burgerkill

Burgerkill - Superficial Lirik
Burgerkill - Superficial

Lirik Superficial

Strike with blaze out
Bursting fire
From above to destruction
No holding back
No holding back
The threat is imminent

No matter how you resist
There is no such place exist
Better lay to waste
From your own disgrace and shame
It’s time for your fate

Well well well
The glass choose to reflect only what he saw
Looking back at blood you’ve spilled
It’s evil and a production of fear
No need for restraint
With your false evidence
No such fuckin’ thing

The illusion is deep
Covering what is real
The hidden plan, a plot twist
A mass brainwash

Hey, can you? Can you feel it?
Your justified scheme will be oblivious
Look at me; look at you, can you see?
Hey, can you feel it?
Your justified scheme will be oblivious
Look at me; look at you, can you see?

It’s superficial
Open your eyes and realized
The truth will come up
Look at the sky and pray
A certain sign of obsolescence beckons
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